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After my accident, I discovered that it is very easy to take things for granted in life, especially those things which seem simple, such as drinking a full glass of water when you are thirsty, or scratching your face when you have an itch.  I also took the ease and joy of traveling for granted.  It was not until several years after my accident that I worked up the courage to begin traveling again.  Initially I was overwhelmed by the extensive planning, volumes of medical equipment, and the need to leave some of that equipment behind.

Bear in mind that I was not yet introduced to the benefits of VOCSN.  After testing the ropes on my first pre-VOCSN trip, I ventured out on other travel journeys growing more and more comfortable, and expanded to bigger adventures with my travel destinations.  Given all of the effort needed to plan these excursions, we always felt like we needed to get away for more than a few days so that it was worth our while to pack and haul all of my medical equipment.

So yes, traveling with a ventilator was possible; however, I still had to contend with figuring out how to bring an extensive list of medical equipment along for the vacation, thus the easy, quick, short weekend getaway became an oxymoron.  If I was going to go through the trouble of planning and packing everything, I might as well make the effort worth my while and stay for more than just a night or two.

Enter VOCSN!  By virtue of streamlining what needs to be packed through integrated respiratory care, VOCSN makes traveling so much easier.  It is essentially the one stop shop for all of my ventilation needs.  Thus, the quick overnight getaway is back on the table!

This year I am spending a few nights during National Integrated Respiratory Care Week enjoying the freedom and mobility that it allows me, by staying at my sister’s vacation house.  I only need to pack a few things beyond my clothes and personal items, because VOCSN has everything that I need.  I am able to continue all of my respiratory therapies with ease, keeping me healthy and safe while enjoying a few days away from home.  With all of the restrictions the COVID-19 pandemic has put on life, the ability to safely indulge in a change of scenery is a true luxury.  Without the convenience afforded by integrated respiratory care, I might not have chosen to take advantage of the opportunity to plan such a short mini-vacation, as the preparation and packing would not have been worthwhile.

Integrated respiratory care makes my life easier and more convenient by eliminating hindrances to an active life.  It ensures that I can bring my entire respiratory suite with me wherever I go, thereby improving my overall respiratory care and health.  My ability to do everything that is necessary in order to maintain a healthy respiratory system while on a ventilator, is integrated into a single device, making everything natural and seamless.  This is something easily taken for granted – a person breathes, they cough, they clear their secretions, they breathe deeply when they are exerting themselves, and the list goes on, but they never think about these things.  That natural ease of form and function is ripped away from anyone who becomes ventilator dependent, but VOCSN and integrated respiratory care have given that back.

As I celebrate National Integrated Respiratory Care Week, I would like to thank everyone who has put their heart and soul into making VOCSN the incredible device that it is, and for giving people who are ventilator dependent the opportunity to engage in adventure with ease. As a final thought, we are here to support any patients and caregivers who want to learn more about integrated respiratory care. Please fill out this form if you need any support and our team will get in touch!


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