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Written by Maggie Flynn
Published on January 7, 2021

Early in December, Concerto Renal Services announced that it was expanding its partnership with the skilled nursing provider SavaSeniorCare, with the addition of on-site dialysis treatments to a facility in Georgia.

For Concerto, the partnership with Sava at the Dunwoody Health and Rehabilitation Center is the fourth such agreement between the two companies and marks the chance to bring the model to the south, Concerto CEO Shimmy Meystel noted in a press release announcing the transaction.

It also provides the chance to reduce chances of infection while providing the patients with services that they need, he told Skilled Nursing News in a December 15 interview.

“We have some other providers we work with who told us that they trace back something like 60% to 70% of their COVID outbreaks to patients who had who bought it back from dialysis,” he noted, pointing to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that found nursing home residents who receive dialysis have a significantly higher chance of contracting COVID-19.

Currently, the Lincolnwood, Ill.-based Concerto partners with Sava at three facilities in Maryland, and Sava plans to expand the partnership — though the timeline is uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Concerto provides in-house dialysis services to SNFs in Illinois, Maryland, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, and Ohio.

For Sava, the expansion is part of a wider plan to position itself for a SNF world being shaped and reshaped by the ravages of the pandemic. The three Maryland partnerships were part of a pre-existing arrangement with another vendor — programs that Concerto took over, SavaSeniorCare Consulting executive vice president and chief strategy officer Ray Thivierge told SNN in the same December 15 interview.

The partnership with Concerto, which began in June 2019, allowed Sava to align the program more with its own goals for an in-house renal program.

That is becoming especially critical given the events of 2020, which is forcing Sava and other SNFs to “rethink our business model,” as Thivierge said in a July webinar.

Developing an in-house renal program is one way to lay the groundwork for the future, he told SNN on December 15.

Read the entire article in full on the Skilled Nursing News Website: https://skillednursingnews.com/2021/01/skilled-nursing-provider-sava-sees-dialysis-expansion-as-cornerstone-of-post-covid-world/

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